dei certification

for the entire workplace

Let’s be honest. Would you rely on a half-day sexual harassment seminar for only board members or C-suite executives to alleviate your enterprise compliance issues? Of course not! Then why would you hire a consultant to train this same small group of people on best practices in DEI attitudes and behaviors, and then hope that this training trickles down from 2% to 100% of your workforce? It just doesn’t make sense. Especially in this COVID era. 

You need to ensure that every single employee has the most high-impact assessment, training, and certification in DEI. And you need this certification to be delivered to the entire remote workforce, maximizing best learning practices and innovative A-I technology.  Let Go Culture guide you through the process of DEI learning and certification today for your company and your entire workforce.

how it works

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In a COVID-19 era, our solution is remote and removes the need for face-to-face interaction.