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64% of expats fail. That's millions in wasted resources & lost revenue. So, get your people the training the world's largest brands trust for cross-cultural success.


Don’t travel blind. Eliminate your cross-cultural barriers before you leave home.

Doing business is hard enough without the worry of failing abroad when the pressure is on. Our training will give you the tools you need to identify your cross-cultural strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. The result? An expat who is equipped to win—no matter where he or she goes.


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The History of Go Culture.

How zeal, decades of research, and a wealth of cross-cultural experiences produced the single most effective cross-cultural training tool on the planet.



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Intercultural competence

  • Communication Initiation
  • Openness
  • Social Inclusion
  • Managing Change
  • Flexibility
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Empowerment
  • Task Confidence
  • Resilience


  • Relating
  • Adapting
  • Leading

External Support

  • Family Support
  • Organizational Support
  • Spiritual Support

Your business plan also includes:

Research-based assessment

Objective Third-Party Evaluation

Targeted Online Training Videos

Go Culture Certification

Go Culture for Life Continuing Ed

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Cross-Cultural Training

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“When you have expat situation, or travels or extended-stays, you incur a significant amount of cost. It’s just a very cost-effective way to get really solid onboarding and preparation for what you might experience, and what’s specific to you.”

Ralf Kraemer, CEO (and Global Expat)
Klueber Lubrication North America

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