Cross-Cultural Training to Ensure Your Success Abroad

Trust the online cultural awareness training the largest brands use to help their people succeed, whether across the country or across the world. Take Your Free Assessment

Cross-Cultural Training to Ensure Your Success Abroad

Trust the online cultural awareness training the largest brands use to help their people succeed, whether across the country or across the world. Take Your Free Assessment

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In a perfect world, transitioning from one culture to the next would be fantastically simple. Expatriates would meld perfectly with the welcoming world around them, and be able to efficiently and enjoyably complete the task they set out to do, whether it be business-related, humanitarian efforts, or educational betterment. However, transitioning from one culture to the next isn’t like that at all; it’s like throwing a tiny pond fish into the alien environment of the open ocean. There are limitless obstacles.

Without proper cross-cultural training or cultural adaptation, expats can encounter marital issues, difficulties accomplishing work tasks, and can even experience such frustration that they terminate their involvement with the organization encouraging them to travel abroad. Overall, 64% of those sent abroad to accomplish tasks fail. That is not efficient for companies, universities, and humanitarian interests, it is painful for the individuals involved, and it is a statistic that Go Culture is determined to change.

Finally, Cultural Readiness Training
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For Your Business

Your company needs your international team to work seamlessly. A major issue hampering success is the misunderstanding of the culture by the expatriate members of your team. While communicating from afar might seem relatively simple on paper, it can, in fact, prove to be a major challenge for efficiency and cost in the field. Go Culture solves these issues for businesses by providing training based on specific issues made evident in our assessment. This training, in turn, increases employee success exponentially and better prepares individuals to adapt to foreign environments – an essential factor in working abroad. Our bulk licensing allows your company to easily access the Go Culture training online anywhere in the world, making it efficient, clean, and optimal for company-wide use.

For Your Non-Profit

In both humanitarian and missionary endeavors, entire families often travel abroad in an attempt to improve the living conditions of others less fortunate than themselves. In order to help others efficiently, the difficulties in interpersonal relationships that often transpire on long trips must be kept to a minimum in order to optimally support families abroad. The Go Culture program is the best way to prepare families for the issues they will most likely face, with a specific focus on areas that are often overlooked by lesser, and much more expensive, assimilation tools.

For Your School

Many universities have programs focused on providing their students with the undefinable benefit traveling abroad offers. Studying abroad can be intimidating to outbound students because of their limited knowledge of the host. International student success is greatly increased by Go Culture’s integrated program matching specific growth areas with needs-based training. This program provides students an accurate awareness of their growth areas in regards to the culture they’re visiting and offers specialized culture-transition coaching to target these areas so students overall feel, and are, much more prepared.  Our bulk licensing allows universities to easily offer students and faculty access to the Go Culture assessment and training online anywhere they are.

For Your Family

For individuals traveling abroad independently, the Go Culture program provides an acculturation experience unlike any other method. The assessment and accompanying coaching resources increase expatriate longevity by decreasing anxiety abroad. The test’s extremely accurate information is key in providing the preparation an individual needs in order to completely and efficiently experience, and enjoy, an entirely foreign culture.

Take the free assessment to get your overview score for the 15 key categories of cross-cultural readiness.

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